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Color outside the lines

How can a technology company impact humanity? By upping connectivity, potential and happiness around the world. We’re optimistic about the future, and that’s the same quality we're looking for in you.

We love how students bring their whole selves to work – that fresh insight and vision inspires us to think bigger. We’re searching for you as you read this: visiting university career fairs and conducting on-campus interviews, all in the name of finding creative problem solvers to join our team.

Our internships and co-op programs partner with accredited universities around the world to give you real experience and responsibilities (around here, you won’t get stuck filing and making copies all summer). You'll network with the industry's best, mentored by our leaders and fueled by the energy of a company that's not interested in business as usual.

So if you're a student looking for an internship, or a graduate ready for your future, take your first step right here.

Campus Ambassador Program

It's students like you who are up on the latest technology. That's why we started the Campus Ambassador Program. If chosen, you'll get paid to promote and connect other students to Motorola during the school year. Yep, we'll pay you to play with our newest products and plan campus events like Tech Talks, demos and contests. Read more on the Motorola Students blog.


Enrolled full time in an accredited university? Then you're qualified to join our 12-week summer internship. This paid opportunity includes lunch-and-learns, networking, housing (if eligible), volunteer/community opportunities and a formal review at the end of the summer. Watch this video from our intern contest winner and see for yourself.


You can apply for our co-op program if you're a student enrolled full-time in an accredited university and are working to obtain credit toward your degree. It’s a great way to get noticed — in addition to jumpstarting your training, we also use our internship and co-op programs to find the next generation of top talent.

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